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The Tor Project is a non-profit Massachusetts-based nonprofit organization founded by five computer researchers, including two who are former NSA hackers, Roger Dingledine and Nick Mathews. Tor’s mission is to promote online freedom of speech and privacy. It is also committed to providing tools that users need to defend themselves from online attacks and harassment. The group is dedicated to building a worldwide community of users and advocates against online censorship. Tor’s mission is reflected in its name and its support of free speech and civil rights.

Tor’s goal is to provide an easy to use anonymous browsing technology with which to surf the Internet. The group is made up of a few programmers and computer experts. Tor’s developers want to create a secure, user-friendly program that provides a “suicide button” that allows people to escape certain web sites and protect their personal information from being taken. By blocking or redirecting requests for websites, the software will make it possible to surf anonymously without revealing your identity. Users can browse anonymously because they have chosen to keep their IP address private.

A website called “Tor Project” was created to promote Tor. This website acts as a portal between Internet users and Tor developers. It also acts as an information hub that contains a variety of Tor related resources and information. Members of the public, including researchers, are able to download free software and install applications on their computers and devices that run Tor. The software can also be downloaded over the Internet so that Internet users can surf anonymously.

The creators of Tor created their Internet service so that they can offer Internet access through a router rather than through a user’s personal computer. A router does not run Tor but rather relays connections from the Internet to Tor hidden servers that perform the anonymous transactions. The routers are normally found in corporate buildings, schools, libraries and other public places. These are called proxy servers. When Internet traffic to a site is directed to a server, the request is routed through several Tor servers before reaching the final destination. The server acts like a go-between and the final destination site. The servers provide users with the ability to surf anonymously while still using the Internet and surfing the Web.

The group of Tor developers and advocates have developed an open source software program called TorKit. This program allows users to install and run the software on their computer and devices. By installing the program, users are able to surf anonymously. Because it runs as a Linux or UNIX application, this software also provides a number of other advantages such as being customizable, portability and accessibility to several operating systems, security, and convenience. Since it is developed by a private company, users have a sense of trust in its reliability and security.

The group of Tor developers also offers training in the use of the software at a fee. As a result, Tor users have access to the latest software and technology to protect them and their online activity.

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