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A gadget is an ingenious piece of equipment or a mechanical object used for the sake of its functioning. Gadgets can be called in many forms such as gizmos, toys, electronic gadgets, and mobile phones. There are many gadgets available in the market that offer different advantages to the users.

The latest version of Microsoft operating system “Windows 10” introduced a new category of gadgets to support its functionality and increase the user’s pleasure. Windows sidebar has been enhanced with many new gadgets available in the form of keyboard, mouse, digital pen, USB, and Bluetooth. All these items are installed into the Windows sidebar. Along with these devices, you can also install other useful gadgets like Microsoft driver, Microsoft software and many more.

There are mainly two kinds of gadgets, the first category is hardware gadget which includes speakers, camera, light, Bluetooth, mouse, digital pen, video camera etc. The second type of gadget is software gadget which includes computer, monitor, printer, sound system etc. All these devices run on the Windows operating system. However, before you can use any of these devices, you need to download the driver and software from the Microsoft website.

To use these devices, you need to follow few simple steps. If you want to connect speaker and microphone with your keyboard then click on the “Speakers” option in the menu. If you want to play the audio files, then click on the “Play” option. For connecting a light with your computer click on the “lighting” option. Similarly, if you want to connect the Bluetooth device with your mobile phone click on the option “Bluetooth Devices”.

These all latest versions of Windows operating system introduced some additional features in the gadget settings. You can easily adjust the brightness of the gadget as well as the volume. Nowadays, almost every gadget manufacturer has also developed their own customized version of these gadgets. As per your requirement you can select a particular gadget, which is developed by a renowned company.

You can also download various other windows gadgets such as web cam, audio recorder, remote keyboard, game pad, mouse, printer, digital camera, Ringtones etc. To buy the latest version of these desktop gadgets, you need to visit the Microsoft official website. For buying any of the above mentioned products, you need to visit the Microsoft stores including Microsoft store UK, Microsoft Store France, Microsoft Store Italy, Microsoft Store Spain, Microsoft Store Canada, and Microsoft Store United Kingdom. Apart, from all the above, various other stores also provide you with a facility of online shopping. If you want to buy any item online just visit the store and place your order.

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