Software Testing Methods

The importance of software testing is undeniable. A fully functional software product plays a vital role in today’s digital world. With digital apps, human activities are made more convenient than ever. And due to the proliferation of online transaction activities, the need for high-quality software is more important than ever. In order to develop high-quality software, companies use various software testing methods to test their products. Here are a few common testing methods used by companies today.

Static analysis: This type of testing does not involve actual program execution, but instead examines run-time behaviors such as compiler optimization. Static analysis is done through documentation such as design architecture, specification requirements, and legacy code. Dynamic analysis: This kind of testing exposes possible errors and reveals other performance properties. It is often performed after the application has been developed, before the final product is sent into production. For this type of testing, documentation is essential.

Regression tests: This kind of test runs in a specific order for each component of the software. Regression tests are full and exhaustive when an application is developed for a large number of users. Interactive tests, on the other hand, are done after the build process is completed. As a result, regression testing can be done on any type of software, as long as it follows the software development process. By following the testing methods, you can ensure that the software is working as intended.

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