What is the Internet?

The Internet is a global network of computers used for everything from banking transactions and chatting with friends and family to providing entertainment such as movies and music streaming.

Access to the internet has revolutionized the lives of older adults like CTN’s home-based learner Luis. Now he can monitor his bank account, access online education courses and even find employment.

It’s a network of computers

The Internet is a vast global network of computers connected by communication protocols such as Ethernet, IP and TCP that ensure packets arrive in their proper sequence (TCP) and format data for websites and applications (HTTP).

The internet serves many functions, from email and social media posts to Internet telephony calls and multiplayer online gaming sessions, file-sharing and streaming services are also supported by this network of thousands of networks that are all linked together through an array of electronic and optical networking technologies.

The World Wide Web (WWW) is part of the Internet that utilizes a markup language known as hypertext to provide instantaneous cross-referencing between documents on it and documents available elsewhere online. Web browsers can easily link between documents using highlighted or underlined text or clicking buttons or images.

It’s a website

The Internet is an incredible invention that empowers individuals worldwide to share information. Websites contain pages filled with various types of text and multimedia files; users can search these websites to locate everything from recipes and reviews of video games.

Websites are networks of interlinked pages on the World Wide Web that are identified by their domain name and organized around a home page. Websites can be created and maintained by individuals, groups, or businesses for various reasons.

To view websites, all that is necessary is an Internet connection and web browser; the Internet itself does not act as a website but simply serves as the means by which information can be exchanged between individuals.

It’s a search engine

Internet pages contain millions of pieces of information covering an assortment of subjects. With no central system for organizing this data, navigating or searching thoroughly is often challenging. Search engines provide users with tools for quickly finding information online – such as the search function on web pages and browsers as well as meta search engines.

Archie was the original search engine, created in 1990. It indexes websites available through FTP files and displays results as a list format; its straightforward design made it an immediate hit, yet it could only index part of a site’s content. Google remains by far the most widely-used search engine today; Bing also enjoys popularity with many individuals.

It’s a way to upskill

The internet enables people to communicate instantly across the globe. It also serves as an excellent means of shopping, meeting new people, paying bills or learning new skills – as well as being an indispensable business tool that helps increase quality work while saving time and increasing productivity.

Internet provides businesses with an effective means to upskill employees. Through upskilling initiatives, organizations can ensure their staff possess all of the skills required for optimal job performance – helping retain them while decreasing risks related to losing talented workers to competitors with superior digital abilities. Businesses who fail to recognize this valuable tool could incur severe repercussions if they neglect upskilling efforts altogether.

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