What’s So Good About The AmazFit Neo Watch?

AmazFit goes back in time with the AmazFit Neo smart watch. The wearable is like the classic analog wristwatch from the old days, Casio. It also has a PC embedded body, TPE strap and this retro style you will surely love.

The AmazFit Neo smart watch comes with four physical buttons which are for navigation on the UI of the phone, with a sixth button having an additional functionality (power button). There are three buttons underneath for power, Bluetooth and internet connectivity. The second button is used to change the language of the phone.

The best thing about the AmazFit Neo smart watch is that it comes with built-in accelerometer which helps you navigate through your smart phone without touching it. This is useful especially for those who like to use their mobile phones for their daily tasks. The built-in GPS device helps you navigate through your phone and can be used when you are on the go, even in places where cell signal may not be available.

One thing you can do with this smart watch is using the multi-task functions. You can be on call all day long, you can check your email or even look up your favorite news sites. If you need to use the Bluetooth, you just need to plug it into your USB port so that it can work on all your devices. If you are playing games and streaming videos, you don’t need to connect to a wireless network.

When you are done with your job or your entertainment, you can then use the watch as a remote control to navigate through your phone. You can browse through the Internet by pressing on the home button on your watch. This means that you can navigate through your Gmail account, your Facebook profile and your Twitter without even having to touch your phone.

You will definitely appreciate having this smart watch for you to control the apps of your phone and stay connected with your friends. And if you want to use the watch as a gaming companion, you can download games for free on the AmazFit Neo smart watch.

Another good thing about this smart watch is that it is waterproof. You can use the watch while you are at the pool or when you are swimming and you can put it in your pocket or even in your purse.

It comes with a voice recorder so that you can record your phone calls, take pictures and record videos. If you want to play your favorite songs while on the move, you can download music from the internet to your smart phone. and you can do that on the go.

You can find the AmazFit Neo Smart Watch in all the major online and physical stores like Amazon, eBay and other online retail stores. For an affordable price, you can buy this smart watch and make your phone more convenient.

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