How To Find The Best Google Pixel Buds Headphones

Google’s new and innovative, “Google” branded earphones, the Google Pixel Buds, will surely add to the fun of shopping for music accessories for your phones. Available in three different styles, each model boasts unique features that make them a true delight to own, listen to and use.

For those not familiar with the terms, the Google Pixel Buds is one of Google’s newest creations that is part of their latest push to provide consumers with high quality sound. These new earbuds come with a one-button control of your music by just pressing the right earbud. Then, simply press and hold on the earbud and you are ready to control your favorite music with just your voice; fast access to the Google Assistant for quick answers, control your volume, send SMS, and more with just your voice. This is a truly awesome feature, especially considering that many people have grown used to using their smartphones and portable media players for entertainment purposes.

If you have a habit of listening to loud music at home while watching TV, you will definitely appreciate how well the Pixel Bops sound. They come in two different sizes, with a standard earbud fit allowing for a snug fit. The other version has an earpiece that is more comfortable, with a full range of adjustment to fit the most prominent features of a user’s ears.

While the sound quality is very good, the earbuds have also included a number of advanced technologies that allow for better sound, better audio clarity and increased volume. As a result, these earbuds provide users with a high quality sound that can be compared to that of much more expensive headphones. You will also notice that the audio quality is much cleaner and clearer than any previous Google earphones or ear buds. For many people, that is something that they cannot really deny, especially when using the Pixel Bops for extended periods of time.

As with most of the other Google devices available, the Bops have a number of different features as well, including being able to play both your favorite music tracks podcasts, and other types of media. This is a feature that not all headphones can do; especially the smaller earbuds. That said, the Pixel Buds also offers a free download of the Google Play Music app so you can listen to music from your personal library directly from your phone.

The headphones are also very comfortable to wear and the wires are very slim and invisible so they are easy to slip in and out of your ears, especially if you are working. These headphones can be paired with virtually any phone to enjoy the same great sound that is provided by the Pixel Bops, making them a complete package of advanced technology. For many consumers, this is a perfect match to enjoy their favorite music while still looking and feeling like a big kid on the block!

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